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Mesothelioma answers by The Law Offices of Michael P. Delaney

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Mesothelioma Answers

Medical and legal information for victims of mesothelioma and other serious, asbestos-related diseases.

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The Law Offices of Michael P. Delaney, the only law firm in the United States with the



A free service to assist victims of mesothelioma.


08/07/02: "This note to you is long overdue. I wanted to take the opportunity to "thank you" for the kindness you showed to George and myself". CL

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   A national online mesothelioma support group.


Our firm represents workers and family members suffering from serious asbestos-related diseases. We have access to a vast database of the asbestos industry detailing the presence of the asbestos manufacturers' products at factories, construction sites, powerhouses and shipyards. We are licensed to practice in New York, but our experience in litigation allows our firm to appear and try cases in other jurisdictions on behalf of our clients by permission of the courts.


Many of the large asbestos litigation firms represent literally thousands of people at one time. At The Law Offices of Michael P. Delaney, we don't take a volume services approach to representation of victims of asbestos diseases. Our representation is limited to serious asbestos cases; victims of malignant mesothelioma, lung cancer, severe asbestosis and pleural disease.   We strive to have a one-on-one relationship, to know and understand your case thoroughly, to represent you to the best of our ability and to achieve the best results possible.  At The Law Offices of Michael P. Delaney  we provide every client with a bill of rights; written assurance of our dedication to you.  Accepting representation and commitment to a relatively small client base translates into an ability to move your case forward as rapidly as possible. Our firm is committed to the principle that justice be sure and swift.


The Law Offices of Michael P. Delaney


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If you have any questions regarding treatment or your legal rights, please contact us at:

  (800) 569-2325 (866) Tex-Laws or E-mail questions@mikedelaneylaw.com


Attorney Michael P. Delaney admitted in New York and Texas.
Not certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization.







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